Australian Silver Koalas

The Silver Koala is a relatively new coin having been first produced in 2007. Produced by the Perth Mint of Australia, the Silver Koala follows other coins produced by the Perth Mint like the Silver Kookaburra and the Australian Silver Lunar series. It came as no surprise that the name of the coin was “koala” because it is an animal that is native to the country. Since its inception, the Silver Koala has become increasingly popular every year. The coin has a face value of 1 Australian Dollar.

Sizes and Denominations of the Australian Silver Koala

Like the Silver Kangaroo, the Silver Koala’s obverse side depicts Queen Elizabeth II. On that same side there are inscriptions that read, “Queen Elizabeth II”, “Australia”, “One Dollar” and the date of the coin’s minting is also inscribed. The reverse side of the coin has an image of a koala but the thing that is very special about the reverse side is that the image of the koala changes every year. On the reverse side there is also a shimmer effect that was created and developed by the Perth Mint. The purity of the coin is 99.9% which makes the coin popular amongst both collectors and investors.

Buying Silver Koalas

Silver Koalas are a fantastic coin to add to your collection, but they may be a bit harder to find in a North American coin shop and a bit more expensive than some other comparable coins as the Perth Mint does not exactly mint a multitude of these every year. Since there is only one size and it is a full ounce, you would most likely want to shy away from this coin if you are a beginning investor who is just getting the hang of things.

Buying Koalas online is probably your safest bet and most pain free too. Because of its purity, just like the Silver Maple Leaf from Canada, these coins are catching the eye of investors just as readily as they are collectors. Apmex would be the first spot to check for Silver Koalas as Apmex seems to have a variety of pretty much every coin under the sun. But since the coin is minted outside North America there are plenty of other silver sites too that will serve as great places to look for Silver Koalas. Even though these coins do come from a part of the world where counterfeiting runs rampant, there have not been many stories about counterfeit Silver Koalas hitting the market.