10 oz. Bars of Silver


Just like 1 ounce bars of silver, 10 ounce bars are generally not too pricy. Also, compared to gold, 10 ounce bars of silver seem like a steal. That same weighted bar in gold would be enough to make a new investor cry. Along with 10 ounce bars of silver being generally inexpensive, they are also fairly easy to find. The availability of 1 ounce and 10 ounce bars of silver are very similar. This is because they are oftentimes bought for the same reasons. On websites online the stocks of 10 ounce bars of silver are generally plentiful and finding a great price takes only a matter of minutes.

Local dealers are still a sort of wildcard and are not always stocked with 10 ounce silver bars, so it would be a good idea to call and check ahead of time. The same folks that are buying 1 ounce bars of silver are generally the same people buying 10 ounce bars. These bars are also great for beginning investors and also great for gift ideas. The heavier weight means it will cost a bit more, but the additional cost means that your return too will be higher.

Easy To Store

Although 10 ounce bars of silver are generally bought by beginning investors, sometimes veteran investors purchase them too. This is because a lot of veteran investors can buy a lot of 10 ounce bars and store them in hopes of getting a big return later on down the road. The 10 ounce bars are light and are all the same shape which makes storing them very easy. They weigh much less than 100 ounce bars of silver and will yield comparably similar results when collected at similar total weights.

These bars stack nicely and can be stored in a relatively small area. This may not seem to be a big deal to most, but for some space is at a premium and having the ability to store their precious metal investment without taking up too much room is great.

Stepping Stone

Just like 1 ounce bars of silver, 10 ounce bars really are a stepping stone when it comes to investing in silver. Beyond the 10 ounce bars of silver, the next commonly traded weight is the 100 ounce bars. If you have graduated from 1 ounce bars to 10 ounce bars, the next stop will be 100 ounce bars. When buying 10 ounce bars the investor begins to get a feel for how investing in silver really looks.

The 100 and 10 ounce bars grow in value similarly and the resale value for both is very high. The great thing about any weight of silver bar is that its value is always increasing. Even though the value may fluctuate from time to time, in the end the value is always on the rise. Moving from 1 ounce bars to 10 ounce bars is only one investment step away from being on the level with most traders and investors that only deal with 100 ounce bars.