Best Type of Silver Bars to Buy

The best type of silver bars are up for you to decide. With that said, 1 oz. and 10 oz. bars are the two most popular among silver buyers. They are at somewhat different ends of the spectrum, but they are both affordable and easily obtainable. Your motivations as a buyer of silver bars will play a significant role in the decision making process of which bars are best for you in particular.

The brand of silver bar that you buy will mean very little. There are literally hundreds of different mints out there, if not more, that have produced silver bars over the years. While some names are more recognizable than others, they are all the same. Silver is silver no matter who’s name is stamped on the front, its condition, or anything else other than purity.


Since size is the only real difference from bar to bar, you will only need to be concerned about the sizes of the bars that you are looking to buy. For an entry level buyer that is on a smaller budget, 1 oz. silver bars are the way to go. These are typically the lowest size that you will find available and are affordably priced. Even investors who regularly spend significant amounts of money continue to add these bars to their lots.

For moderate to mid-high level silver buyers, 10 oz. bars are the most ideal. 5 oz. bars are also produced by many mints but they fall in between entry and mid-level and are not as widely available. 10 oz. bars will save you money in the long run as they have a lower mark up over spot price when compared to their 1 oz. and 5 oz. counterparts. As an investor, cutting your bottom line with expenses is one of the easiest ways to increase your overall profitability.

If you have a very large amount of money available for investing in silver, the next steps up are kilo and 100 oz. bars. While these two types of bars are easily the most expensive, they are also the hardest to find. The primary reason that people buy 100 oz. bars is because they want to make a bulk investment in silver without needing to buy many pieces at a time. This will not only simplify the entire process, but it will make it that much easier should someone decide to sell their silver at any point in the future. As was mentioned previously, these larger orders will also enable buyers to receive better prices per oz. Don’t buy these big bars if you can’t comfortably afford them, however, as stretching your budget is never a wise way to go about making the most out if your investment decisions, even if it could save you a few bucks right now.