Best Type of Gold Bars to Buy

The best type of gold bar for you to buy is, like just about anything, dependent upon your end motivations. A casual buyer and investor is not going to make the same purchasing decisions as an experienced, high volume investor. There are many different choices available with gold bars, though the primary difference from one to the other is almost always going to correlate to the size. There really isn’t a lot to note as far as variations between any bars. As a result, size should be the first thing that you look at.

1 Gram Gold Bars

1 gram bars are the lowest level way to get into investing in gold bullion. These can be obtained for a very small fraction of the price of a 1 oz. bar. It is hard to argue that gold is very expensive, so just about everyone is looking to get a piece of the precious metal for the lowest amount that they possibly can. 1 gram bars are very small in both weight and actual size, so don’t except a behemoth in the mail after you order one. Remember, even though 1 gram is small, it is much better to start off small than it is to not start at all.

2 Gram-10 Gram Gold Bars

If you want to buy a few grams worth of gold, but don’t want to pay the premiums attached to the 1 gram variety, 2-10 gram bars are the best way to go. When you buy a 1 gram bar, you are going to play a moderate fee over spot price. This premium is put in place so that the gold site selling you the bar is able to generate a profit, however small it may be. If you elect to buy a 2-10 gram bar, however, you will get more actual gold for your money and spend less in extra mark ups.

Ounce Sized Bars

If you are buying an ounce or more of gold at a time, there is no doubt that you are working with a fair amount of investment capital. With that being available, you will be able to save significantly on any form of added dealer premium and will be getting the most gold for your money that is possible. Since gold is very expensive, you will most commonly find 1 oz. bars, and will notice that the larger the weight of the bar, the more difficult that they are to find. Though you can find gold bullion in weights up to 100 oz. and sometimes even more, you shouldn’t expect these to be regularly available, except at the biggest and most reputable gold dealers.

Investment Purposes

The best reason to buy any bar of gold is for an investment. Most collectors prefer to chase after rare coins and other more scarce gold items as opposed to generic bars. This is due to the fact that bars do not have any inherent rarity and can be made by literally anyone. Bars are manufactured and sold by private mints and do not have any real collectible value. If you want to start more of a collection vs. a portfolio, coins are the better overall option. Gold bars are the top way to get a whole lot of gold with the least amount of money expended on various mark ups and premiums.