Best Place to Buy Gold Online

The best place to buy gold online will largely depend on what your goals are as a buyer. Investors, collectors, and those looking to make sizable purchases will all find different dealers that work best for them. It would be unfair and impossible to say that one site is the best, as each one has its own unique benefits.

Credibility is one of the absolute most important elements to look for when choosing a gold dealer to buy from. Bullion is noted for its number of swindlers and shady characters, and a well respected company will ensure that you are never cheated out of any money. All of the companies listed here maintain the best reputations in the entire world and will always make sure that your order is processed securely and that your metal is delivered safely and as promised.

One thing to remember about buying gold online is that there are so many different sites that offer a variety of different services. Buying physical gold and having it delivered to your door is not at all the same as making an order at a website that allows you to store your metal elsewhere. Though there are virtually infinite bullion websites to choose from, the following dealers are the best.

Best Overall Gold Website

The best overall website is definitely APMEX, offering the largest variety of metal in the world. This particular company will ship your order straight to you so that you can own the actual gold in hand. Every single coin from countries all over the world are available for prospective buyers, in addition to a complete selection of bars and rounds. APMEX is the best because they have the top reputation in the gold industry and because they have a larger and more dynamic catalog than anyone else. You can be assured that you are getting a sound deal and that your order will be delivered as promised when you buy from APMEX.

Best Website for Physical Gold

Though some websites allow buyers the opportunity to order gold that is stored in a 3rd party location, the vast majority of buyers are looking to make an order of metal that they can store on their own. If you are looking for the best site to buy coins, rounds, bars, or anything along those lines, APMEX is the place to go. There is a lot of confusion among new gold investors and buyers as to what the difference is between gold “stocks,” which are known as ETFs, and actual gold. Instead of buying gold that is represented by paper only, the better plan is to keep physical bullion in your possession.

Best Pure Investment Gold Website

If your goal is to make a large order that is solely for investment purposes, BullionVault is the place to go. At this particular website, buyers make an account and then are able to fund it before they put any of their money on the line. You can fund your account by bank transfer, wire, or check. After you have the money in your account, you will then be able to start making investment decisions.

All of the gold that you buy is held by BullionVault for you. Though the gold isn’t sent to you, it is held in their secure vaults. If you are looking to spend anything less than a few thousand dollars, please refer to APMEX above. BullionVault is targeted towards people who are looking to buy and sell gold on a somewhat frequent basis. If you want to have your gold in hand as a protection against paper money, this will not be the best site for you.