Gold Coins

Everyone, even those completely unfamiliar with bullion, knows what gold coins are. They are unique and valuable collectibles as well as one of the premier ways to invest in metal. There are many different types of gold coins produced by governments around the world.

-American Gold Eagle

-Australian Gold Kangaroo

-Austrian Gold Philharmonic

-Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

-Chinese Gold Panda

-Gold Britannia

-Gold Buffalo

-Mexican Gold Libertad

-South African Gold Krugerrand

If you live in the United States, for example, you have probably heard of and recognize a coin such as the American Gold Eagle. This is hardly the only coin that is desirable among collectors and investors alike, though. Gold coins span generations and have been around for many years, and even to this day they are produced in mass quantities. Buying gold coins to add to your investment portfolio or as part of your metal collection is a fantastic way to own pieces of history that will maintain and grow in value.

There are many different coins to choose from in today’s market, ranging in weight, condition, rarity, and value. No matter what your budget is, however, there is something out there for you. Read about each of the gold coins that are readily traded in the free market today and get started by adding a few to your collection or investment.